The Project Academy provides our clients with the capability to create learning and development programmes at all career stages. This way, your project management community can benefit from clear career paths with alignment to externally recognised standards. For those wishing to align the APM’s global standards, we offer a range of corporate in-house programmes covering all four main levels of APM qualifications / professional standards.


APM Registered Project Professional (equivalent to IPMA Level B) – development for those requiring the capability to manage complex projects

APM Practitioner Qualification (IPMA Level C) – development for those requiring the capability to manage non-complex projects

APMP Qualification (IPMA Level D) – development for those requiring a solid understanding of project management

APM Introductory Certificate – development for those entering project management requiring an awareness of project management


The Project Academy is formally accredited by the APM for its learning programmes that lead to the Introductory Certificate and APMP. Those accredited programmes are also incorporated within our higher level Practitioner Qualification and Registered Project Professional programmes. Our team includes several of the highest level APM approved Registered Project Professional assessors and verifiers. For our clients, this means that the Project Academy can provide you with vast experience in developing professional to APM’s standards, with the assurance that our team has been assessed and accredited directly by the APM.


Our approach is to ensure we understand our client’s business context in order to deliver the best programmes. Consequently, we only offer  corporate in-house programmes. We do not offer public open courses, nor do we offer “crammer-style” courses merely aimed  passing exams. Our passionately believe that our programme should be geared to ensuring learning is embedded into your organisation’s longer term capability.


Please see our individual web pages for more details on our APM programmes.