APM Practitioner Qualification

What is the Practitioner Qualification?
The APM Practitioner Qualification (IPMA Level C) based on a residential assessment and is recognised nationally and internationally through APM’s association with the IPMA (International Project Management Association).


Who is the Practitioner Qualification for?
The Practitioner Qualification is for relatively experienced professionals (project management practitioners) who can demonstrate an ability to manage a non-complex project. Candidates should typically have at least 3 years’ experience and hold either the APMP qualification or demonstrate a good understanding of the APM Body of Knowledge with relevant Continuing Professional Development.


What is assessed?
Candidates will be assessed against 30 criteria and need to demonstrate that they can:

  • Understand project context and the overall business case;
  • Effectively apply project management planning;
  • Apply a risk management process competently to the project;
  • Optimise project plans to respond to a major change;
  • Monitor project progress and take suitable controlling action;
  • Plan and conduct a suitable post project evaluation review;
  • Work effectively as a team member.


How is it assessed?

Qualification is achieved through a residential assessment focussing on: 

  • Individual work: Candidates will be expected to answer written questions based on a case study and answer a question regarding current issues in project management.
  • Group work: Candidates will be observed discussing and solving problems related to the case study.
  • Interview: Candidates will be interviewed by their assessors.


How does the Project Academy deliver this programme?

The Academy can provide support to your PQ candidates to help enable them to present themselves to best advantage. Typically, we would recommend a 2-day PQ preparation course that will include a review of the coverage of the APMP syllabus plus practice and feedback in the more practical aspects of the PQ assessment.

The Academy is planning to become accredited in running the PQ assessment centre later in 2013. In the meantime, we would be happy to arrange assessment with one of the current centres if you have a more immediate requirement.