Excellence with Industry - superior Graduate performance

More than ever, superior performance of Graduates is required "out of the box". No longer are organisations tolerating timely and expensive upskilling of Degree qualified personel. Graduates need to make impact on projects from Day One of their employment.


But how can this be achieved ?

2008 - Launch of Excellence With Industry

Excellence With Industry links academia and industry to develop superior performance in engineering and project management undergraduates. Successful completion of the programme results in guaranteed graduate careers offers, with demonstrable on-the-job performance for the employer.


Superior graduate retention is created through careful alignment of career aspirations to the right, long term employer.

The organistions we work with on Excellence With Industry

In 2008, our Academy Director, Paul Erricker, was invited to lead the development and management of Excellence With Industry. As a result of the programme's success,each year, the directors of the sponsoring companies have invited Paul to continue providing x-organisation management expertise.


With a 100% graduate retention rate and evidence of superior graduate performance, it is no surprise that Excellence With Industry has secured a national People Initiative of the Year award.

The Excellence With Industry approach is suited to environments where a major capital delivery client, together with its core supply chain, wish to collaborate with a local university to develop a pipeline of high performing graduate talent.

Your key contact:

Paul Erricker