Our project professional mentoring programme is unique to the Project Academy. It focusses on your specific and immediate project management issues while utilising the APM's Registered Project Professional (RPP) standard as the programme's framework.


The RPP standard requires that you have the ability to manage the input and performance of others to execute the wide variety of project management functions such as risk management, stakeholder management, cost management etc.


Once you complete our on-line self-assessment against the APM Competence Framework, our mentor will help you understand your current level of capability against the RPP standard.  From here, a series of mentoring sessions help you build competence, confidence and credibility to manager across all functions of your project. By understanding what is required of you as a project leader and then practicing this on your live project, you will soon gain the experience needed to demonstrate that you can manage a complex project.


With sufficient mentoring sessions, back to work place experience, you will be in a position to successfully apply for APM's Registerd Project Professional standard.  When APM gains Privy Council approval for its Chartership application, your RPP status will be elevated to Chartered Project Professional.

The benefits

The benefits of our mentoring service are:
  • Individually focused
  • Powerful development programme
  • Incorporate 'live-project' experience

Your key contact:

Paul Erricker