Bespoke project management academies

Leading project-based organisations frequently create their own form of internal project management academy. Creating your own academy (you may call it a community of practice or Centre of Excellence) can derive huge benefits to your organistion's capability to deliver successful projects, programmes and portoflios.


We have the experience to support you develop your own project management academy at a fraction of the time and cost that it may take if you try to "go it alone". We can also enable you to align your academy to the APM's suite of membership levels, qualificiations, professional standards and competence framework. We can also support you gain accreditation from the APM for your academy.

The benefits

The benefits of implementing a project management academy include:

  • Mitigating your corporate risk of poor project delivery 
  • Improving your project performance
  • Provides visibility of your organisation's capability strengths and weaknesses
  • Reducing your reliance on external resources
  • Managing retention levels of project professionals
  • Improves attraction in the market place

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