KAI Thinking Style Course for Teams

Government Campus Course OTS08650

KAI (Kirton Adaption – Innovation) for Project Team Development

Who is this course for?

For new or existing project teams, or any team that is seeking to increase performance, enhance collaboration and better manage its diversity of thinking style. It is particularly useful in accelerating team development through a deeper understanding of the diversity of thinking (cognitive) styles of the team members so that problem solving and communications become a strength, rather than a hinderance to collaboration.

Frequently this course is requested by project leaders who have experienced KAI through the Government’s Project Leadership Programme (PLP) and then wish to enhance their own team’s performance through group activity, often at project team away-days.

What does the course cover?

A deeper understanding of self and others utilising the highly credible Kirton Adaption – Innovation (KAI) theory, psychometric and practice. The course then enables teams to enhance management of diversity through a deeper dive into the impact of style on:

  • Problem solving
  • Stress reduction through smart coping behaviour
  • Collaboration
  • Risk appetite (personal and team)
  • Reaction to change (both acceptance and rejection)
  • Management of structure – processes/rules/governance/culture
  • How to enable team members to be at their best authentic self
  • Better handling of communications

Additionally, our qualified KAI Advanced Practitioner will undertake a pre-brief with the project leader as well as a debrief beyond the final workshop.

What is the style of the course?

We provide a combination of:

  • KAI psychometric questionnaire
  • Initial 1 day workshop with a professional facilitator/coach
  • Personalised reports on thinking style for self and team
  • A suite of eLearn videos and materials
  • A follow-up half-day workshop with a professional facilitator/coach

The course package nominally caters for team sizes up to 15, but can be adjusted to suit the actual team size.

How much time commitment is required?

1.5 days of team activity at a venue provided by the client, plus participants will need to dedicate approximately 6 hours of self-study via the eLearn suite and the questionnaire/report elements. In total allow 2.0-2.5 days over 4-6 weeks. The project leader will need to undertake an additional 2-3 hours of 1-2-1 discussion with our KAI Advanced Practitioner.

What is The Project Academy Limited’s credibility in this subject?

TPA is a leader in the use of KAI to support team development. We employ internationally trained and accredited KAI Advanced Practitioners. This team has already supported over 2,000 senior project leaders in UK Government utilise KAI as part of the Project Leadership Programme (PLP), with some of the highest rated learning on the programme.

Additionally, TPA has delivered off-the-shelf and bespoke workshops with KAI for dozens of project and departmental teams, both across the Public and Private sectors. To support our team workshop delivery, our KAI practitioners are qualified executive level performance coaches. For example, TPA’s coaching team has undertaken over 5,000 coaching sessions in UK Government, with an average participant rating of 4.8/5.

How do I enrol on this course?

Through the Government Campus portal, managed through the Learning 2020 contract with KPMG. The course code is OTS08650.

Please note that this is a “closed course” in that a team/group needs to be formed and procured through the Government Campus process. Minimum group size is 6 and maximum of 15, but please note that the course price is a fixed lump sum price based on 15 participants. Additional team member KAI assessments and reports can be procured to increase the team size to 24, assuming the team remains a single group for the delivery of the 2 x workshops.

What are the fees?

Course fees are notified through the Government Campus via KPMG.

Please note:

  1. the course fee is a fixed price lump sum for a team size up to 15 participants. Additional team members undertaking the KAI assessment/reports plus attending the workshops will be charged at £85 PP
  2. the course fee excludes venue costs. Pricing assumes that the client will provide a suitable training / workshop environment, based in the UK.

Where can I get further information?

If you have a query about the course content / structure, then please contact our Training Manager, Janine Edgar

If you have a query regarding the Government Campus procurement / booking process, please seek out the appropriate KPMG contact.