Interview 101

Are you attending an upcoming interview?

After hundreds of coaching sessions I’ve completed with my clients, one of the most common areas they wish to focus on is interview preparation. Whether it’s for a promotion, a new project or for a position due to organisational change.

For most, interviews aren’t always an enjoyable experience, no matter how many times you complete them. They are seen as an artificial environment, where you are expected to answer testing questions with not much time to think or reflect. Often, you will be confronted by a panel of interviewers, firing questions about things you may or may not know all of the answers to. They can be writing notes the whole time, even when you think you may not have said anything pertinent. This can be scary! But don’t panic. With the right preparation, you can be interview ready before you know it.

As a result, I have pulled together this quick I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S guide to help you prepare for your upcoming interview.