APM’s Competence Framework defines behavioural and technical competences aligned to APM’s Body of Knowledge and Qualifications. It contains role profiles to help you define which competences and at what level are required across the spectrum of PPM and PMO roles.

Our team has worked closely with the APM over several years to develop the original version and the 2nd version, for which we hold a commercial license. For many years, we have hosted the APM’s framework in our advanced online competence management systems, supporting whole communities of professionals define, assess and develop their PPM skills.

We have also created a unique 360 degree online behavioural review process, which is based on the APM’s competences. This insightful process enables individuals to assign a wide variety of contributors to provide feedback on their interpersonal skills. This is an essential development process for those seeking to build their managerial, leadership and collaboration skills, aligned to APM standards.