We are specialists in APM standards and hold a commercial license for the 1st and 2nd Edition APM Frameworks. We have a strong history of undertaking competency assessments, independent validation and personal development coaching for individuals and PPM communities, aligned to the APM framework.

With the recent addition of multiple job role profiles, we are able to compare an individual’s assessments against industry-standard current and future role profiles.

Our visual reporting enables staff to understand their development needs, leading to improved targeted learning and development.

APM Competency Framework benefits:

For both individuals and businesses wanting to be at the APM benchmark of competence:

  • Assesses 27 competencies
  • Simple scoring system to evaluate a range of roles within your framework
  • Helps to ensure you have the right person for the job
  • Helps identify areas of improvement that are needed
  • Ensures standards are maintained within a team