Our work with the APM

The Project Academy has a special relationship with the APM that works to the benefit of those clients who may wish to align with APM's global standards.


We are corporate members of the APM and proud of the relationships developed by members of our team who have worked closely with the APM on a significant number of initiatives that include : 

  • Project managing the development and pilot project for the APM RPP standard
  • Undertaking RPP assessor and verification activities
  • Chairing the East of England Branch
  • Co-authoring the APM Competence Framework
  • Delivering presentations at the APM Annual Conference and regional evening seminars
  • Aligning with the APM qualifications and CPD scheme
  • Assisting in the development of the new Body of Knowledge
  • Project management support for the new APM full membership standard
  • Committee membership of the APM's People Specific Interest Group


As a result of our experience we can readily align our offering with leading industry standards and our clients can be confident of our thorough understanding of what is currrent best practice.


Furthermore, we support clients through aligning with the APM's Registered Project Professional (RPP) standards and other standards including the International Project Management Association (IPMA) Competence Baseline.