APM Chartered Project Professional – Mentored Course

Government Campus Course OTS08648

ChPP Mentored Support Programme by The Project Academy Limited

Who is this course for?

Those who are ready to make an application to the APM to become a Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) under the Route 3 (experiential pathway). You must have managed at least one complex project, programme or portfolio or managed a key control function within a complex project environment. If you are anticipating gaining the UK Government’s project delivery accreditation for Senior Practitioner or Master Practitioner, then Chartership is one of the key criteria.

This course provides more intensive support than our ChPP Core course. Here, you gain the input of an experienced ChPP mentor to guide/review and feedback on your critical written submission (around 5 hours 1-2-1 input). Also, you will attend our ChPP interview preparation workshop, not available on the Core course.

Important note: this course is fully aligned with the APM’s updated Chartership standard, launched in mid-2023.

What does the course cover?

The whole ChPP application process for Route 3 (experiential) applications. We ensure you understand the ChPP requirements with a deep dive into the written submission and interview stages. You will learn how to write compelling project statements and competence statements, enabling you to put your best experience into your submission. The course also supports you to understand the ChPP Code of Conduct and Proposer elements. With the support of your 1-2-1 ChPP Mentor, you are guided through a personal journey to showcase your best and relevant project experience.

What is the style of the course?

We provide a combination of:

  • Group workshops – delivered virtually
  • 1-2-1 mentoring (approximately 5 hours input per participant)
  • A suite of eLearning packages
  • Drop-in virtual clinics
  • Back-up materials including guidance and case examples


You will join a group of typically 12 participants, often enrolled from within a single Government department. Together, you are supported through your ChPP journey, typically across a period of 6 months between the first workshop and your APM interview (final stage of the process).

How much time commitment is required?

It varies for each participant. The formal elements of the programme take around 3 days (group workshops, drop-in clinics, mentor reviews) plus you need to allow around 40-60 hours to create a compelling written submission, which can be done to suit your diary but within an overall group timetable. In total, you need to be able to plan for 75-100 hours across a 6 month timescale. Each group agrees the target submission date to the APM and only in exceptional circumstances can participants delay an application and still receive the support package.

What is the Project Academy’s credibility in this subject?

We have been at the forefront of Chartership expertise for over 10 years. Our MD was appointed by the APM to manage the original ChPP project. Since then, we have supported over 400 experienced professionals gain ChPP status, with a success rate of over 90%. We have supported public sector, private sector and charity sector applicants. We have a dedicated team of trainers and ChPP mentors, including APM ChPP trained and approved assessors.

TPA’s team has also provided Chartership expertise for over 6 years within the Government’s Project Leadership Programme (PLP). We are accredited by the APM as a training provider, providing assurance to clients of the quality of our courses and alignment with the latest APM professional standards.

How do I enrol on this course?

Through the Government Campus portal, managed via the Learning 2020 contract with KPMG. The course code is OTS08648.

Please note that this is a “closed course” in that a group needs to be formed and procured through the Government Campus process. Minimum group size is 6 and maximum of 12, but please note that the course price is a fixed lump sum price based on 12 participants. If you are an individual seeking to attend this course, we recommend that you discuss your participation with your project delivery Head of Profession to determine if/when a group is being sponsored for the course. Alternatively, we offer an “open” course outside of the Government Campus. Please contact The Project Academy Limited directly if this is the case.

What are the fees?

Course fees are notified through the Government Campus via KPMG.

Please note: course fees DO NOT include the APM’s ChPP assessment fees (written and interview stages). You will either need to pay the APM directly when you submit your application or you will be given a code to use by your Government department / sponsor. The current APM assessment fee for a Route 3 application is £1,194 plus VAT per person.

Where can I get further information?

If you have a query about the course content / structure, or you wish to undertake our Readiness Checker questionnaire, then please contact our Training Manager, Janine Edgar

If you have a query regarding the Government Campus procurement / booking process, please seek out the appropriate KPMG contact.

If you have a query regarding any future ChPP groups within your Government department, we recommend you contact your Head of Profession.