APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)

What is this course?

This course is the most comprehensive training and assessment of professional project management capability available.  Normally, you attend a course, learn stuff then go back into your workplace and forget most of it!  Well, this course is radically different.  We will create a very special learning environment which gets you to use the learning so that it is truly embedded.  Moreover, it is a developmental path where students undergo a rigorous educational process to achieve the standard required. You should approach this course not just as knowledge acquisition, but development of your ability to deploy that knowledge – which means developing your capability and competence.  The course also prepares you thoroughly for the Association of Project Management’s (APM) Project Professional Qualification (PPQ).


Who is it for?

Project managers who:

  • want to take the next step after the APM’s Project Management Qualification (PMQ) or PRINCE2
  • want to become a full member of the APM (post-nominal lettersMAPM’)
  • want an efficient and speedy route to achieving Chartered Project Professional status (post-nominal lettersChPP’) – this qualification is recognised as ‘route 1’
  • have been working in project management for 5 or more years and want to expand their practical skills in managing projects.


What are the benefits?

This very practical course gives you a unique opportunity to improve your project management technical and personal skills.  To facilitate this, you will apply your knowledge of project management to a carefully prepared real-world project scenario.  You will work alongside other PMs and be guided by experienced tutors in creating solutions to realistic project situations.  The case-study we use is a real-life situation and will aid your thinking deeper about the situations and problems involved.

Additionally, you will be thoroughly prepared to sit the PPQ exam.


What are the features of our unique programme?

We will present you with a blended learning programme which consists of the following steps:

  1. on-line (live) induction session with your tutor, with ample time for questions and answers
  2. on-line video training sessions covering the 16 topics of the syllabus, ranging from leadership to integrated planning.  These are pre-recorded and can be viewed at your convenience and repeated as often as you need.  Additionally, on-line access to a vast database of project management information
  3. self-test questions to check your knowledge and understanding of the topics
  4. podcasts by senior PMs of their experience of project management in the real world
  5. attendance at a tutor-led (live), highly practical 2-day workshop – see below for detail
  6. post-workshop: feedback report
  7. the (optional) examination.



The aim of the workshop is to get you to think differently about how you manage projects – this will be an intense, challenging and an exciting experience for you.  Prior to attending, you will be provided with an extremely comprehensive 28-page case study to review so that you can thoroughly familiarise yourself with the background of the project we are going to make believe you are managing.

When you arrive at the workshop, you will meet your tutor and the students and, after an introductory session, the tutor will allocate you to a small syndicate group.  The tutor will present a problem that has occurred on the project and you then spend about 45 minutes in your syndicates discussing, analysing and creating a compelling solution.  You will take turns in presenting, over 5 to 10 minutes, to the course your individual syndicate solution; this will be critiqued by the other groups and the tutor.  You will then receive a solution note, which will be explained by the tutor.  You then all move onto the next exercise and repeat the process.

There will be ample time for questions or short seminars by the tutor on any of the syllabus topics.  During the workshop you will also be coached on presentation, interview and report writing skills.

There will be one individual one-hour exercise to write a report based on the case study which will then be marked by your tutor and written feedback and marks provided.

This challenging workshop will put you in project situations requiring comprehension, judgement, and proposals for action.  You will gain experience in quickly assessing a problem situation, formulating a decisive solution and to present responses in a clear and lucid style.  The exercises have been designed to develop your analytical and problem-solving skills.


Format of the (optional) exam

You do not have to sit the exam if you just want to improve your mastery of project management; however, most students want to achieve the qualification to help their careers!

The PPQ exam is in 3 parts:

  1. Scenario assessment (2 Assessors) – 10 minutes preparation, 20 minutes discussion with one of the assessors who will conduct a role play exercise (e.g. as your Sponsor).  Candidates are presented with a case study, which has been sent to them 4 weeks prior to the assessment, and you play the role of the PM dealing with a given situation.
  2. Oral exam assessment (2 Assessors) – 50 minutes.  Four questions based on the pre-seen scenario.  You verbally explain to the assessors how you would apply project management best-practice to the given problem or situation.
  3. Written report (1 Assessor) based on the pre-seen case-study – 60 minutes.  This report is produced by you on your laptop/PC on-line and examines your communication and analysis skills to a situation based on the scenario.

Pass mark: 60%

We will make all the necessary arrangements for booking your exam, or you can choose to book yourself on an exam at your convenience at a later date.


Why chose us?

You will have knowledge and experience that may be unique, and possibly quite extensive; however, the APM will be testing you for a capability based on their curriculum.  Therefore, we will ensure that you have that specific understanding of the required approach that they are looking for – we have extensive expertise and experience of the APM and so fully understand the assessment process and what is required for our students to be successful.

Moreover, we provide the best educational experience that is possible in the time available and give you the greatest chance of real success.  The Project Academy has grown to become a high-performing team of skilled, multi-disciplinary specialists in the development of project management capability.


How much does it cost?

For current pricing, please scroll down to the PPQ exam on the APM exam page.