Your Personality – and Its Impact on Project Success

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Have you ever been puzzled why some people embrace certain changes, while others have show-stopping resistance? Or perhaps you’ve struggled to understand why some working relationships feel ‘in the flow’, while others are more like wading through treacle? On a personal level, despite your clear competence, you’ve wondered why certain career paths and roles feel energising, while other roles sap your energy reserves.

At our personality masterclass, you will gain a clear understanding into these key personal and project success factors. This session has a tremendous following, having been attended by over 1,000 project leaders and project teams from the public, private and charity sectors

Effective leaders enhance project outcomes by managing the creative diversity within project teams and between stakeholders. If diversity is mismanaged then that collaboration breaks down, change is resisted and project success damaged.

The Project Academy masterclass uses the Kirton-Adaption-Innovation (KAI) cognitive-style psychometric to show participants their own preferred creativity style and how this relates to others with diverse styles. Participants gain solutions for dealing with different “hard- wired” personal preferences and the impact this has on the inter-relationships.

KAI has been in use for over 40 years around the world and is widely used by academics in the fields of business, psychology, sociology and education. It is particularly relevant to project collaboration and organisational change.

Intended Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this masterclass participants will be able to:

  1. Understand their own thinking style preferences when being creative, solving problems and reacting to change
  2. Gain insight into the potential impact (positive and negative) of own style when leading individuals and groups
  3. Understand different style preferences that will exist within teams and the wider stakeholder community
  4. Learn approaches that can support better collaboration within teams and between individuals and groups.
  5. Attendees will receive their own personalised report.

Advanced preparation:

  1. Complete your KAI assessment via the online system for which we will provide you with your unique access code. Allow around 20 minutes.

Who should attend/who is the masterclass for?

This masterclass is open to all project professionals, whether leaders or team members working on Projects/Programmes/Portfolios or transformational change initiatives. It will also be highly valuable for any senior managers wondering why there may be so much resistance to their organisational change programmes.


  • 20th November 2019 1pm-5pm

Tea/coffee included. Lunch not included.


Central London – Venue to be confirrmed.

Your facilitator

The masterclass will be led by The Project Academy’s Managing Director, Paul Erricker, who is an accredited Advanced KAI Practitioner. Paul has over 30 years working in projects, change and developing project leaders. He has been a leadership coach to over 150 senior project leaders. This is an interactive masterclass with a theoretical underpinning, participant group work and plenary sessions to gain new techniques in dealing with different interpersonal challenges.