Required to perform from Day 1, project teams rarely have sufficient time to develop as an effective unit. Accompanied with the speed of mobilisation and stakeholder complexity, teams can falter within weeks, impacting performance for the organisation.

The Project Academy creates bespoke team coaching interventions for project teams. Whether supporting the acceleration of team development, or re-focussing a team, time critical interventions enable rapid turn-around.

Team dynamics play an enormous part in project success. With key training in team coaching from internationally renowned Ashridge Business School, our coaches are able to introduce independent, objective and insightful observations and interventions for teams. Our training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) enables us to work with leaders and their teams to invigorate effective team culture. Using psychometrics, we accelerate insight into interpersonal leadership and team challenges.

Our team coaching brings focus and increased awareness to accelerate team development.