About the Project

To drive forward the portfolio, HMRC has a wide community of project and programme professionals across the UK. Having aligned development to APM professional standards, HMRC had been struggling to gain traction in securing awards in APM’s flagship Chartered-equivalent professional standard (APM Registered Project Professional).

The Project Academy’s solution brought into play its unrivalled RPP expertise through a pilot project, incorporating its unique RPP Fast Track Programme. After forging a three-way arrangement between HMRC, the APM and The Project Academy, PPM community engagement was the first priority.

The Academy experts design and ran engagement events creating the first RPP cohort. Individual 1-2-1 RPP coaching sessions then led to a clear understanding of individual capability. The team then implemented the its RPP Fast Track Programme, ensuring the whole cohort were supported through the application process. Via blended learning, HMRC staff worked to a common timetable, producing high quality portfolios of evidence, reflecting their true PPM capability. The Academy managed the whole process, with regular direct interfaces with the APM and the client sponsor. Following Professional Review workshops, HMRC staff were confident to attend the RPP interview stage.

To date, the programme has achieved a success rate of >90%, enabling HMRC to make a significant leap forward in matching external accreditation levels to the level of accountability held.