About the Project

Paul initially led a team through a thorough internal review of practices and performance across the group’s several divisions. The Board then approved recommendations for a Work Winning Programme, which Paul was invited to lead. The programme engaged all divisions of the company and all staff related to business development and bid management. Utilising internal and external resources, new procedures and toolkits were created and roll-out out through a training programme. Paul hired Jamie Johnson, now a Project Academy associate, to be the led trainer on two of the four modules of the programme.

Together, Paul and Jamie created a well received development programme, which was embraced by the bid management community. As a result of the programme, and the hard work of staff in their bid management practices, Costain went on to achieve a record order book for the years since. Costain has re-established itself as a leading player in complex engineering and construction projects, often punching well above its former weight when it comes to creating compelling bids at the right price.