About the Project

With alignment to APM standards, The Project Academy was selected for a package of work over a challenging target of just 4 months. In that period, we enabled Marshall to engage their PM community and gain buy-in and to form a coherent PM community and drive for higher capability.

Following role profiling workshops, our team embedded the various Marshall PM roles into our online toolkit, which we branded for a Marshall ADG look-and-feel. Having briefed staff and provided online tutorials we launched the assessment process. Following self-assessment, line managers validated scores and reviewed personal development needs. Managers were capable of doing this due to our bespoke design and delivery of line manager training.

The Academy Team then undertook independent 1-2-1 development reviews, including validation or adjustment of the line manager. Following the on-time delivery of the assessment project, we then created and presented an extensive independent report on the skills and development options for Marshall ADG PM community. We have since been appointed to design and deliver a PM master class programme.