About the Project

Led by our Director, Paul Erricker, services were provided that ensured that the project management profession were consulted and contributed to the development of RPP. Paul led on the Project Management Plan, ensuring a robust schedule, budget and risk management. He then designed and delivered a programme of engagement through a stakeholder group and a working group. From this, the RPP standard and assessment process was created, and linked to the APM’s Competence Framework. Paul then led the piloting of the RPP standard and assessment process, including a training programme for a pool of 40 RPP assessors.

The excellent management of this programme gave the APM Board confidence to sign-off RPP for launch in Spring 2011. Paul, together with Lara Taylorson and Geraldine Duffy of The Project Academy have continued to work closely with the APM in managing the assessor pool and maintaining the standard. Our team has gone on to support the APM in enabling Shell to adopt RPP, including a competence mapping assignment between APM’s and Shells project management competence frameworks.