Project Delivery, Uncertainty and Neuroscience a Leader’s Guide

In Un–ordered environments so much is changing on so many fronts that it can seem impossible to keep up let alone influence the way forward.

One of The Project Academy’s coaches and director of Visible Dynamics Carole Osterweil, tackles this challenge in her book for project leaders, sponsors and directors whose environment does not conform to expectations about how organisations or projects are supposed to function.

The resources will help you cut through complexity, reduce stress and improve outcomes using her expertise from the emerging discipline of neuroscience and applying it to the world of complex change and transformation.

The e-book comes in two parts:

  • Part One – The Primer provides a high-level introduction to how the human brain works and clarifies why we behave as we do and uses this as a platform to explore the dynamics of complexity.  It explains how we unwittingly contribute to the environments we find ourselves in and how this fundamentally impacts stress levels and outcomes.
  • Part Two – The Toolkit includes a series of frameworks and suggestions to help you explore uncertainty and risk and to help you apply your knowledge about how the brain works.  It will develop your ability to read and influence social dynamics, enabling you to reduce complexity and improve outcomes.

You can find and buy Carole’s book on Amazon.