Want to understand how your organisation’s PPM capability strategy compares to leaders in the profession? Unique to The Project Academy, our diagnostic tool, database and bespoke reporting examines an organisation’s PPM capability maturity.

We develop the questionnaires to reflect the success factors associated with high performing PPM organisations. The survey is conducted across a sample or whole PPM community.

We then compare your results with our database of multi-sector PPM organisations, providing you with visibility on maturity and informing your strategic direction / investment in PPM capability.

Academy PPM Diagnostic benefits

 For companies looking to improve their project portfolio management:

  • Highlight team strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps identify high value actions so you can priorities your teams time more efficiently
  • Relates directly to their customers and their satisfaction
  • Helps all round team improvement
  • A vast database of project portfolios from years of experience

Below is an example of output from our PPM community diagnostic tool, which engages the whole community in a review of the effectiveness of capability of the organisation across several critical success factors. In this example, we can see the improvements made year-on-year.