Project and change leadership teams face several key challenges that set them aside from “business-as-usual” or stable functional teams, such as:

  • Fast team mobilisation with little past experience of team member interaction
  • Demands to become high performing quicker than team dynamics typically allow
  • The need for integration of functions where values, beliefs and priorities can differ
  • The demands of team engagement with a wide stakeholder environment

To tackle these challenges, The Project Academy employs a variety of interventions to either accelerate team development and/or tackle emerging dysfunctions or collaboration breakdowns. Our team of leadership and team coaches understand the context of projects and transformational change and are able to work with team leaders and members to identify and tackle team challenges. In most circumstances, assessment of team effectiveness is undertaken through interviews, questionnaires and psychometrics, leading to a bespoke team coaching approach.

Our coaching practice consists of several highly experienced individual and team coaches who have vast experience in the projects world. For example, between them they have undertaken over 2000 coaching sessions specifically related to the project and transformational change context. Their expertise has been enhanced through formal training in team coaching from Ashridge Hult Executive Education.

True collaboration is tough and it’s sometimes a challenge to generate effective interdependence. Whether working across different functions, departments or organisations, it requires real skill to generate shared values and the right culture to truly collaborate.

Our team utilises a combination of coaching interventions to build trust, interdependence and shared values. Our specialised psychometrics also provide vital insight into different personality styles, turning difference into strength.

Whether you are about to launch a new collaboration or wish to enhance effective working within an existing team, we design solutions with you that can span the entire project life-cycle.

Project Team Collaboration benefits:

  • Changing leadership styles to suit the team development stage
  • The use of collaborative planning with the team to derive the project plans
  • Assertiveness correctly used so that team members are not even aware of it
  • Negotiation with those who can make decisions about priorities and actions