This assessment has proved the most popular and value-adding elective across the UK Government’s Project Leadership Programme. Led by our accredited Advanced Practitioner, KAI identifies a person’s stable preferred cognitive style.

This style impacts our outward behaviours when problem solving, collaborating, communicating, structuring our work and how we react to different types of change. KAI is undertaken for individuals and particularly teams to accelerate team development.

Those leading change also benefit from understanding KAI as our cognitive style has major impact on how we “sell” change within an organisation.

The Project Academy has created a masterclass that uses the Kirton-Adaption-Innovation (KAI) cognitive-style psychometric to show participants their own preferred creativity style and how this relates to others with diverse styles. Participants gain solutions for dealing with different “hard- wired” personal preferences and the impact this has on the inter-relationships.

KAI benefits:

For individuals and companies:

  • Helps identify what type of cognitive learner you are – helping you to work on areas you struggle with
  • Proved the most popular and value adding elective across the UK Governments project leadership program lead by our accredited advanced practitioners
  • Gain insight into the potential impact (positive and negative) of own style when leading individuals and groups
  • Learn approaches that can support better collaboration within teams and between individuals and groups
  • Understand different style preferences that will exist within teams and the wider stakeholder community for better collaboration
  • Identifying team diversity allowing leaders to enhance project outcomes by managing the creative diversity within their team

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