APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) Programmes

The Project Academy team has the foremost expertise in this chartered-equivalent standard from the Association for Project Management. It was created for those who wish to be recognised as having the capability to successfully deliver complex projects.


We believe that the standard is also ideal for use as a development framework to create your future high-performance project managers. We have created 3 levels of programmes to support your career development and attainment of RPP


  • Level 1 - RPP Workshops. Created to help professionals prepare to undertake the APM RPP application process. We can run our standard one day workshop or create bespoke versions to suit your organisation's specific needs.
  • Level 2 - RPP Fast Track Programme. Full support through your journey to attain the standard and the benefit of turning the process into a powerful personal development experience.
  • Level 3 - Transition Programme. An intensive programme, typically spread over 2 years, to develop future high performance project professionals. RPP is used as the development framework and successful completion of the Transition Programme leads to the award of APM Registered Project Professional.


The APM has applied to Privy Council for Chartered status. Upon successful award of Chartered status to the APM, all those who have attained APM Registered Project Professional will become Chartered Project Professionals.


The benefits

The benefits of our RPP programmes include:

  • Maximising your chances of successfully attaining the standard
  • Minimising the amount of time required to attain RPP
  • It is a powerful self-development activity

Your key contact:

Paul Erricker