With skills shortages impacting performance across all sectors, leading organisations are seeking tools to help define, assess and manage staff competency across their variety of job families and job roles.

With a focus on projects-based organisations, our partnership with Online Profiling Limited, provides clients with online tools that:

  • Define and host multiple technical and behavioural competency frameworks
  • Define and assess competency against specific role profiles
  • Collate and report on organisational-wide competency data

Our solutions include configurable reporting for HR, PMO and senior management providing visibility of competency gaps at individual and collective levels. We are able to configure additional modules for our Cloud-based systems, including 360 degree reviews, personal development planning, line manager / panel competency validation.

Organisational Competency benefits

For companies struggling within the organisation projects:

  • 360 degree reviews, works with the entire project system oppose to just a select few
  • Shows competency gaps, allowing organisations to train, or hire staff specifically for the gap in knowledge/skill
  • Optimise your companies efficiency
  • Configurable reporting systems for HR and PMO and senior management